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Superfood cordials with no refined sugar or anything artificial.

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“Elderbrook has become that little treat I have to look forward every
afternoon. So glad I could find a guilt-free replacement
(to diet coke) for a quick pick-me up.” Kate M.

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How we work

Our drinks

  • We make Cordial Tonics. They’re a new way to make water tastier whilst doing yourself some good.
  • We blend fruit, superfoods and add some natural sweetness using coconut nectar. Never heard of it? Neither had we until we discovered it’s low GI and full of goodness like amino acids, vitamin C and calcium.
  • Coconut nectar also means Elderbrook is very low in natural sugar.
  • Enjoy by pouring enough to line the bottom of a glass, add still or sparkling water and a little ice if the mood takes you. (You decide, you’re the alchemist).
  • Each bottle makes approximately ten 250ml drinks and we deliver it directly to you in the post to work or home. Making water tastier while doing yourself some good has never been so easy.
  • Sounds good? Then click ‘Get Started’ at the top of the page to pick your recipe and delivery frequency.
  • lime, mint + baobab

  • Inspired by Ibiza evenings, windswept hair and that first mojito of the summer, our Lime, Mint & Baobab recipe keeps things fresh. Loaded with zingy citrus and fuelled by super fruit powerhouse baobab, which contains three times as much vitamin C as an orange and six times as much potassium as a banana, it's the perfect mid afternoon pick-me-up. Like a citrussy, baobab-filled slap in the face. Probably.

    Nutritional information (5ml blended with 250ml of water):

    Calories 12.4, carbs 3.1g, sugar 2.3g, zero fat, salt, fibre and saturates.

  • raspberry, cranberry + blueberry

  • If you distilled an episode of 'Mad Men' and bottled it, it would probably look something like our Raspberry, Cranberry & Blueberry recipe. Smooth, sophisticated and with a bit of a dark side - the only difference is that our recipe is fuelled by antioxidants from blueberries rather than Don Draper's stash of scotch. Keep it classy.

    Nutritional information (5ml blended with 250ml of water):

    Calories 14.3, carbs 3.2g, sugar 2.6g, zero fat, salt, fibre and saturates.

  • mango, passion fruit + goji berry

  • Indian summers, golden sunsets and adventures in exotic places inspired us to blend Alfonso mango, passion fruit and goji berries for this recipe. While you're sipping it and dreaming of a lazy day under the Goa sun, you'll be energised by the goji berries, which have fifteen times as much iron as spinach, as well as vitamins, calcium and zinc, and have long been known as ‘red diamonds’ due to their health-enhancing credentials. Fits perfectly, really - little red diamonds for a little orange gem.

    Nutritional information (5ml blended with 250ml of water):

    Calories 13.1, carbs 3.2g, sugar 2.7g, zero fat, salt, fibre and saturates.

About Us

Water, whilst keeping us alive, just doesn't get our pulses racing. And the only thing that we could find in the shops to spice it up a bit was artificially sweetened or full of sugar. Frankly, that just isn’t our style.

And as busy people, the last thing we wanted to do was waste our evenings and weekends queuing up in supermarkets to buy the stuff (please, no more self-service machines).

We knew we could do better than that. We wanted to make something that made it easy for people to do themselves some good and get enough water into their bodies. All without breaking the bank.

So we quit our jobs at innocent drinks and embarked on creating Elderbrook – a tasty, healthy, and more convenient way to enjoy your water.

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